Most Glorious

Most glorious Reason, wonderment of man,
Which builds upon the thunder of his mind
The mighty monuments of eye and hand,
Which leap the mountains, skip the salty seas,
Soar upward through the clouds and cross the stars,
And cast him rolling houses for his ease,
And pen and page, to note what he’s designed
To yield what’s now and grasp the future far.

Most glorious Freedom, lover of his acts,
Admirer of his will, hater of all tax,
Worshiper of adamantine choice,
That chooses self-responsibility
With calm, unwavering cheerfulness of voice,
That says, “Yea, I am integrity!”
Most glorious love of life and life of love,
Most wonderful below and high above,
Most masterful of matter great and small,
O rising man, most proud and standing tall!

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