Freedom Speaking


America, my child, best of all,
Your mother Freedom, I, who gave you birth,
And helped you raise yourself to noble worth.
Yet all the while you grew you troubled seemed,
And doubted your success was really wise,
And listened to the lies of those who schemed
To make you shrink and down bring you in size.
They made you think your selfishness was wrong,
That you would moral be if you weren’t strong,
And now you give away your love to live
And only seek to be so you can give.
America, my child, I am here;
Come clasp me once again and do not fear.

Look, selfishness and freedom are the same;
Live only for yourself, be your own flame,
And cast away the shadows crying, “Need!”
And burn away the altruistic creed!
Yes, burn it up and fully throw it out;
It’s poison to your soul and to your mind.
It only makes you feeble, lost and blind,
And has no other end but only death.
Shake it off, and rise, and take a breath.
Remember that bright day when you began,
That day when you set out to be a man,
A man of independence, responsible
To you alone, and never to a fool.
You can rise up again, there is no doubt!

For rational selfishness is noble, true,
And rational selfishness is moral, right,
And seeking more is always best for you,
And making more is a glorious height.
Inventing, investing, and profiting more
Is meaningful living, the great “What for?”
Creating happiness for you alone
Means don’t feel guilty, don’t atone;
You’ve right desires of a proud, live thing,
So stand, be happy, dance and sing!
Your mother Freedom holds up high her light;
It’s up to you to gain again your sight
And, ripping off the blinders of authority,
Stand up tall with me so you can see!

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