Ah, selfishly I wake each morn
To be the me for which I’m born,
And selfishly I breathe the air
Which nature gives me, being fair.
Then selfishly do I arise
To view the world before my eyes,
And dancing ever mindful strong
I lift to day my happy song.

Now selfishly I plan my plan
To be a better selfish man,
To be my cause of dreams afar,
And mazes take, and rugged bar;
To loyal be to my own thought,
Take pride in what I’ve sought and wrought,
And praise the men who, just like me,
Do love their lives and liberty.

My independent selfishness
Is motor of my sure success,
And I’m the fuel—that thinking mind—
Who makes my life more self-designed.

Now selfishly I cross the street–
There’s man-made ground beneath my feet,
And man-made, selfish towers spring
Before my eyes their welcoming.
Man’s selfish soul spears up entire,
A thing of steel and reason’s fire,
Like beautiful, bright mirror stands,
Inspiring selfish minds and hands,
That all who see are lifted high
By their own selfish, loving “I”,
And so men sing, and not forlorn,
“Ah, selfishly I wake each morn!”

Now selfishly on through the day,
I do my work to make my pay.
My hours are not sad or gray,
For justice lines creation’s way.
With focused mind and competence
Each act of mine is recompense
That stirs my senses, body, soul,
As I get closer to each goal.

Beginning night is selfish, too,
For then, my Dear, I will have you,
And we will hear our music, clear,
And handle love with high-sex cheer.
Then selfishly we’ll snuggle tight
And sleep with innocense all night.

Oh, happy, selfish wealth divine,
When I do know what’s mine is mine!
And hers is hers, and his is his,
And what each earns—that, justice is!
O radiant, thinking, selfish man,
This world was yours when you began,
And I’m the me for which I’m born,
And selfish wake each selfish morn!

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  1. bejamin4 says:

    Very interesting. A really fantastic post.

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