O Wealth, O Majesty

O Wealth of man-made things, O Majesty!
Where buildings leap and soar and break the sky!
Where rivers under brilliant bridges run
And laugh, and fear not mighty-moving man,
Who stops and goes, is once again begun,
And makes the markings for another span!
O candy-shining cars and sweet-tooth rocketships,
O butter-gliding trains from sea to sea,
More beauty rings the earth because of thee!
Man’s thought waves ripples through his fingertips;
His touch awakens joinings everywhere,
And soon his son-and-daughter things are bare
And splendid, sprung keenly from his reas’ning mind!
O Majesty, O Glory well-designed!

Man proves his passion for material things;
His moral worth is in metallic wings!
In oil-rich shoes does he keep stepping on,
Electric eyes blaze him a constant dawn!
The earth, the sun, the many stars prepare
For man-the-maker’s ever-winding stair!
And every easy house in every town
Is filled with fact’ries’ beauties once dirt-brown.
O Wealth of man-made things, O Majesty,
Wrought works of thinkers needing to be free,
There’s not an end to come of progress true
When valiant men are happy friends of you,
That with their joyous egos handle earth,
And wind it up to ever higher worth!
O Majesty, O Glory well-designed,
Great product of man’s all-embracing mind!

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