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Uncle Charlie

My Uncle Charlie had been destroyed in the war; He couldn’t speak, was paralyzed from waist to feet. A small part of his brain was permanently dead. But in his wheelchair day after long day he sat And listened to … Continue reading

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The Happy Scene

With calmness comes the tender, nudging night, While up each street comes softly-glowing light. The day has passed out of my sight, But man has passed the darkness with his might. Now brighter glow the globes of human truth, So … Continue reading

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One Flowing Song

Full joy, full light, Fill up each half Till my whole cup’s A winking laugh. Full mind, full sight— My dinner true, And with delight I chew it through. Full plan does stand, My aim is straight; With self-command I … Continue reading

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Dream not of death till you are dead, Nor let it live within your head. Make winning deeds your only song And sing it proud your whole life long.

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I Can!

Oh, who can sing a happy song When so much in the world is wrong? “I can, I can!” sang a boy; “I can sing a song of joy!” And so he sang, and so I heard, And all my … Continue reading

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Ah, selfishly I wake each morn To be the me for which I’m born, And selfishly I breathe the air Which nature gives me, being fair. Then selfishly do I arise To view the world before my eyes, And dancing … Continue reading

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In the hope of new November

In the hope of new November comes a day we shall remember, if Goodbye shall be the sender of Obama out the door, for the White House is a-smolder with ideas burning older as they twist in furls of falsehood … Continue reading

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