Take up space and go to waste, Occupy!
Seek no purpose, make no effort, Occupy!
Do not think, just drug and drink,
Lie there in our rotting stink, Occupy!

Occupy, it sounds so good,
Like we’re doing something brave,
Standing up just like we should
Far outside the caveman’s cave.

But Occupy, it really means
Sitting down inside our jeans,
In the darkness of our mind
Hiding unaware and blind.

They will never see or know
That we’re just a hiding show
With little bits of hate aglow
For all their efforts on the go.

We are little meanest things
That hate the getting higher things;
We are getters-in-the-way
Of every free and happy day.

We’re the worms that would impart
Poison to the loving heart,
A sight of ugliness to eyes
That’d make great beauty rise.

Occupy’s our only aim—
Block the way of human fame,
Blot the glory from the name,
Smear the hero into shame.

Hate yourself and go to waste, Occupy!
Hate the thinking human race, Occupy!

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