The Risen One

Oh, sweetest, sacred, selfish, sovereign sex divine,
Oh succulent, sug’ry body that is mine all mine,
Now I drown you in my kisses till you gasp for air,
But all you’re taking in you’s my ripe body bare.
Let us drown and die together in our joyous sea of love,
That is brimming more with living than mere living was.
From our past lives, barely happy, we are down and grappling free
Who are risen up in stature to great moral ecstasy!
For sex selfishness is holy, yea, sex selfishness is wise,
And the selfish souls of lovers are en-filled of sexual eyes.
And the end of our creating is our high ideal a-glow,
Under blessings of our spirits in love’s sexual ebb and flow,
Where time old is ever ceasing, while time new is just begun,
And en-centered in the center is strong we, the risen one.

Oh sacred, sweetest, sovereign, selfish sex divine,
Oh sug’ry melting arms that all about me twine,
Now I wrap you in my legs till you are drowned with me for sure,
But it’s you en-wrapping me until it’s we a-drowning more,
And the spirit of our breath is all our flesh that’s drunk up whole
Into moving mouths of music of our earth-devouring soul!
Oh, the beauty of our passion’s not a cold or abstract pic,
But the sensual, lively lusting of a really lovely lick,
As in tune with choirs of angels of the worship hero kind
We are man and woman closing on the life-embracing mind!
Ah, my love, where have we got to? Are we high or are we low?
We are merging “there” and “here”, and are re-charging all our “go”
Till we are gone and drowned forever in this flight of light sublime,
Where out thirsting for new-bursting is exploding right on time!

Oh selfish, sovereign, sweetest, sacred sex divine,
Oh, I am risen, you are risen, on this ever up decline,
Where the stars that bathe our faces are our finger-points supreme,
With their world-searching tips that say, “Oh you, you are no dream.”
Oh sovereign, sacred, selfish, sweetest sex divine,
We are one in one, a-shouting, “You are mine, all mine!”

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