Randy, Going

(A poem from my late teen years.)

When all the clouds are flying
And heavy darkness dying,
And the gladsome light comes trembling through the air,
We flowers all call to one another,
“Harken, sister! Harken, brother!
Waken, rise, and see the sight;
Fair Randy has defeated night,
She hides him in her hair!”

Our mouths are wide with sighing;
To burst new buds we’re trying;
For Randy doth inspire each living, breathing thing.
Oh! sweeter than we be her singing;
Ah! softer than snowy wings winging.
Oh, that her gold arms fire
Would curl around for desire,
Would curl around us and cling!

O Wild One of our dreaming,
O Love-Light on us beaming,
Will you darken about us night?
Will you fly for a new-found wine?
We fain would have thee longer
To lift our souls, make stronger.
O goddess pure as gold,
Whose limbs we long to hold,
If we see thee never more,
We be as fallen leaves, and poor.

Yet go, if so it please thee,
For thy desire we desire for thee.
Yet go, and seek happiness daily,
Live life to its fullest, freely;
Shake night from they soul, find light,
Do as thy will wills, and with all thy might!
And thought we all shall miss thee
Who have yet to hold and kiss thee,
We shall think of thee long through the long night,
And as thou may’st find thy wine
We shall dream thee, and find thee fine.

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