With Valentine’s a week away
I’ll not be weak to something say,
But good strong words for good strong day
Will blast omission’s wrongs away!

The wrong of kisses that I gave,
That were too few, and thus, not brave,
And praisings less than you were due,
When busy me thought not things through.

The wrong of time not with you spent
When I was cursing government;
The wrong of glaring at men’s night
And leaving you without my sight.

These wrongs ‘gainst you were wrongs done me,
I fully, plainly, now do see,
And for these crimes and sins of mind
I’ll make you now pre-Valentined.

Today then, do I new begin;
I passion wake, and make to win!
My praise, once lazy, I do whip,
Until your ear is ‘neath his lip!

My happy kisses, hugs and smiles,
Will prove them in abundant styles;
My thoughts, in detours once cut short,
Their long strong love will not abort!

Oh Valentine, oh Darling mine,
Oh my comission’s living sign,
I do, I do, I do love you,
And now love me more fully, too!

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