Objectivism Rises

The bad and false philosophies are done;
They’ve met their match and they are on the run.
The rationalists, who came to play a game,
Go slinking off to hide them from their shame;
The trickster false logician turns and flies,
He’s tricked himself into too many lies;
The stealers of true concepts, they are through,
And Kant’s “Pure Reason” ‘s no more dirt to do.
They’ve tried to wreck your mind, disintegrate
Connections with the real, to make you hate
And fear philosophy, all thinking’s worth,
To make you feel wretched aliens on earth.
But all this sick corruption, it is done,
For Ayn Rand came, and now we have the sun.

Objectivism stands up your mind on fact,
Links love-of-life to every honest act;
Links mind and body to desires true,
And leaves beloved integrity to you.
Objectivism loves it when, alone,
Your solemn, silent thinking is your own;
It loves the effort that you make to see what’s real,
Your judgment your authority ideal;
It loves you when you challenge “experts” voice
And follow through on your hard-thinking choice.
Objectivism’s open as the sky,
As plain as your own hand before your eye.
Reach out and grasp, and take it unafraid,
And be a man, and proud you’ve made the grade!

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