Now Gallop!

From ranks of common, wavering men
Will one rock-solid come?
A man who’s great with principles,
Like sunlight’s great with sun?

A man who’s straight and will not bend
For weasel foe or seeming friend?
A man who’s reason reigns supreme,
Who grasps America as his dream?

His passion’s individual rights,
His mind his sacred pride.
Oh, will he come through these dark nights
With Justice at his side?

His hate of altruism will be strong;
Oh, who will sing a praising song?
If he’d be strong, then so must we;
If he would stand, then so must we!

His love for life is stronger still;
Implacable is his great will.
Lift up now a song that stays,
Inviting him to arduous days!

If he would fight, then must we fight,
With minds and lives for liberty!
Will he come solid through false night?
Don’t wait, but work, and see!

Ayn Rand has set the proper course;
Reality’s our bright, dark horse.
Now Gallop! for the stretch is straight!
And losing’s never manhood’s fate!

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