Bid-ee Bup

I’m strollin’ along
(right along, right along)
Just singin’ a song
(with a song, with a song),
‘Cause everything’s right
(it is right, it is right)
All day and all night
(day and night, day and night).

The moon and I don’t go to bed,
He’s throwing sunbeams on my head.
The stars are winking bright and gay,
They show no sadness in their play.
The sidewalk echoes up my feet
As I go tapping down the street.
And now I hear a pleasant sigh
In winds of dawn as they flow by.

I’m skippin’ along
(skip along, skip along)
Just singin’ a song
(with a song, with a song),
‘Cause Valentine’s here
(it is here, it is here)
For me and my Dear
(oh my Dear, oh my Dear).

The sun and I don’t have to fake
A better world for loving’s sake;
The best that is we praise and show,
And let life’s triumphs overflow.
He shines, I sing, combine we true
In Valentine’s forever new.
And now upon Love’s balcony
He slants his light, and I sing free—

I’m singin’ a song
(sing a song, sing a song)
For nothin’ is wrong
(nothin’s wrong, nothin’s wrong,
‘Cause you’re standin’ there
(standin’ there, standin’ there)
A-smilin’ so fair!
(bup bid-ee bup, bid-ee bup bup bup!)

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