Valentine Took

I stood within my room and sang,
The window open wide.
The name I sang was yours, my dear;
It floated far outside.
I did not know you walked below
And heard my lips rejoice,
Until my name came up like flame
Upon your leaping voice.

I to the window rushed, indeed!
To see you standing there,
But when I looked I saw no thing—
The pavement, it was bare.
I put on coat, raced down the stairs,
The doorbell ‘gan to ring!
I turned the knob, flung wide the door,
And there I saw—no thing!

I stepped on out, out to the street,
And I looked up and down,
But my true love I did not see,
And turned back with a frown.
The door was locked, I was in shock,
For I had not my key,
When suddenly your voice out-rang,
A-singing down to me!

Oh, then you laughed; oh how you laughed!
And I was laughing, too!
‘Twas so divine, this Valentine,
To be song-took by you!

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