Time To Sail!

A song without ending I’d love to sing to you,
So here is the beginning, one sentence, it is through.
The words will keep on flowing as love flows out from me,
And when I’ve got a paragraph a book will start to be.
A book without an ending will be a mighty tome,
The world will fill with pages, a sea of black/white foam,
And we will sail upon it, its waves will lift us high,
Until above, we clasp in love, to fly and fly and fly.
When star by star we’re passing, with joy ’round every bend,
The song that I’ll be singing, it still will have no end.
The universe will tighten, reality turn blue,
So full of song that is so strong with love I have for you.
My song without an ending, you see, it’s now begun,
So pack your bags, my sweetheart, our sailing time has come!

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