Take, and Climb

When first I heard you speak to me
I fell in love with melody,
And when I saw your breast arise
I felt blithe rhythms in my eyes,
Then when you sang that soaring note
All mornings poured up through my throat,
Till loving music lived in me,
Now singer of your melody.

Conduct we now each other’s cheer
With echoings from there to here.
Our rhythms surge, and blend and merge,
Until we touch upon the verge
Of climbing climax at the top,
Where joy forever does not stop,
But singing song, on wings made strong,
Does lift our lips for kisses long!

Dual pianos cannot reach
The harmony our spirits teach;
Two violins cannot attain
The rapture of our one refrain;
Whole orchestras, they are too weak
To charge the air as when we speak.
All music halls are hollow, too,
Compared to us in, “I love you.”

The grand concerto, oh, so bold,
When next to us is simply old,
And massive choirs, mouthing loud,
Seem mutt’rings of a mixed up crowd.
Outside, the giant bands a-march,
Against our ears shoot failing darts—
For our love’s soaring wipes all sound
From our rare air to dusty ground.

Now let us walk, and through life hum,
Lest all the world grow pale and numb,
Or, let us sing, ’cause we don’t care
If there’s no others loving there!
But yet, they might, if from our rhyme
They admiration take, and climb.
Then all the world will fill with song
And mankind joy in kisses long!

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