The Man

There are men who are few
Who the truth do pursue;
There are many who’d rather not think.
There are men who are true
To their own single view,
And there’s many who drown them in drink.

Oh, the man who’s a man
For his mind gives a damn,
While the selfless, they couldn’t care less;
But the man who’s a man,
He begins with a plan
And its end is his own happiness.

For morality’s start
Is the mind, not the heart,
And reality sets up the test:
Think your thoughts, act on through,
All your life live it true,
In integrity be you the best.

Oh, the man who’s a man
Will do all that he can
His own independence to win,
While the man who is not
Tries to scheme and to plot
And to cry down the self as a sin.

He will beg, he will steal,
To a priest he will kneel,
While he’s voting a tax on your back.
He will wail that he’s poor
While he forces your door
And unleashes the state to attack.

Every business he’ll blame,
Say the country is shame,
Who for profit, not giving, exist;
What you work for today,
He will spend it away
As your pity he’ll try to enlist.

He’s no self, he’s no man,
He’s an altruist can
That is empty and hollow inside;
He must take ’cause he’s fake,
His whole life’s a mistake,
And his label is simply—NO PRIDE.

Kick the can, kick it out,
Let it bounce all about;
Don’t recycle, but leave it to rust.
Find a man who’s a man,
Lift this country again;
Find a man who’s good self you can trust!

Oh, the man who’s a man
For his mind gives a damn,
He is fierce to hold truth as his prize.
And the men who’re not men,
We don’t need or want them;
We have wiped out their dust from our eyes!

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