Spoken For

On Fifth Avenue I wait for you
With all my shining lights.
I stand up with the night so true
In windy, starry heights.

I see you walking down below;
Your step is swift and free,
Until you stop and, looking, know
The majesty of me.

On up and up, and up you gaze—
Your face, it mirrors pride;
And I know I will fill your days
And walk with you inside.

Although your path must be alone,
Hard solitude your friend,
Composer, I’m your soul in stone,
And steel which will not bend.

Your thoughts in me are manifest,
Heroic you is real.
Work on, do more than just your best,
And men will hear and kneel.

The melodies that in you soar,
I am their proven worth;
So write them out, in joyance pour,
And make your mark on earth!

On Fifth Avenue I wait for this—
The song that sets men free
To match my greatness with their bliss
And love their liberty!

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