Robber Baron?

The robber baron’s a genius, see,
For taketh ‘way from the poor doth he.
He recombines their paltry nothings
To giant piles of richest somethings.
His selfish spirit stirs within
To lead their losses up to win.
All their pennies, nickels, dimes,
Pure gold become for his good times.
And, worst of all, the jobs he starts,
In fact’ries, farms and low-priced marts,
Make happy homes possibilities
And lift men up from off their knees.
Oh, the robber baron’s real mean, is he,
To unleash on the world productivity,
And a chance for men not to robbers be,
But to stand in pride and self-dignity,
Not using force to steal from others,
But admiring competence in free brothers.
Say, is Robber Baron really his name,
Or Industrious Man of honorable fame?

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