Mrs. Selfish Laughs

When Mrs. Selfish went to town
She never wore an anxious frown,
But confidence, with half a smile,
Went radiating half a mile.

And people stopped, and at her gazed,
So struck, and very full amazed,
And when they turned, to look in glass,
They saw a smiling man or lass.

When Mrs. Selfish shopped the store,
The clerks all knew that they’d got more,
Got more than what she’d paid so glad,
That made the day ten miles from sad.

And other customers got a gift—
Her jetting spirit light and swift,
That made of shopping grand delight,
And every bought up treasure right.

When Mrs. Selfish went to eat
The restaurant seemed more complete;
The waiters vied to get there first,
To have her table quench their thirst.

The busboy zoomed, the coffee flew,
Fair Competence was lively, true;
The manager was proud to see
And entertain such company.

When Mrs. Selfish went back home
The sky was such a brilliant dome,
It seemed a sacred palace rare
That glowed with joy to have her there.

The front door opens, husband stands;
He clasps her with his eager hands.
“My lips,” he says, “I give to you
For living this whole day so true.”

The gay new hat upon her head,
As answering the thing he said,
Flips over on his shoulder’s might,
And Mrs. Selfish laughs delight.

Glad, oh glad! The night comes down!
Straight skyward steers the lit-up town!
The Selfish house, on one bright street,
Prepares its dreams for day to greet!

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