Man’s Something

The earth is nothing
Without man’s something.

With rocks of earth we strike our fires,
We build our bridges, stand our spires;
In earthly shoes we dance on earth,
In cars of earth we drive on earth;
Above the earth, with wings of earth,
We sweep and soar and lift up earth
With competence that proves our worth,
Till earth through man is glorified
In exploitation born of pride—
His mind applied and magnified.

The earth is nothing
Without man’s something.

With no man hero
The earth lies zero,
And nought appears, no
Cheer, no goal.

But man’s elation,
Through thought’s creation,
Gives mind its station
And earth its soul.

The earth is nothing
Without man’s something.

And the sun, it is what,
Without manhood in glory?
Grow brighter, grow darker,
The stars do not care.

The universe cares not,
Can’t read, has no story,
Or darker or brighter
Has nothing to share.

But man comes with something,
Makes use of the useless.
Puts spirit in all things
That no things refuse.

Small things swarm to him,
Take names individual;
Large things take from him
Adventures that call.

Before man the finder
The world was lost ever,
Or brighter or darker
None knew and none cared.

Came man, then, the maker,
Put two things together—
The universe quickened
To life for a dare!

For all is blinking
Without man thinking.

Earth, stars, planets, sun,
With man’s thought find purpose won;
With all he does, invents and knows,
The universe expands and grows..

Deep center, he, of that that is;
The more he thinks, the more is his.
His cars, his roads, his walls, his glass,
His tools expanding—all amass!

Earth grows wealthy, sky grows free,
Filled to joy with industry.
Life’s a song, the happy fate
From human hands that all things wait!

For all is nothing
Without man’s something!

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1 Response to Man’s Something

  1. Karson says:

    You write so hoetnsly about this. Thanks for sharing!

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