In Beauty’s World (inspired by Allegra Durante)

When Beauty sings upon the boards
And wings her notes aloft in flight,
We feel that we are Beauty’s lords
Who lifted are to such a height.

And she who sings, our goddess fair,
Although her feet still touch the floor,
Is she not rising through the air
To grasp a joy that’s so much more?

O Wond’rous life—the singer’s soul!
To fill the ears of all who hear
And bring to tears with love’s control,
Yet feel herself so light and clear!

Vibrations only singers know
Do beat in her with happy pride,
And like the sun in fiery glow
She leaps the rafters in full stride!

We hear and see, gasp, are thrilled,
We shout ovations, flowers fling!
But she just played the part she willed—
In Beauty’s world to live and sing!

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2 Responses to In Beauty’s World (inspired by Allegra Durante)

  1. I meant to say simply beautiful 🙂

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