Do Not Say All’s For Naught

Do not say all’s for naught
Before the battle’s fought,
If there’s the slightest chance that you can win.
In fighting for the right
You’ll shine a guiding light,
And others may come after where you’ve been.

You quit, your loss is sure,
Slammed shut the one last door,
And what you might have done you’ll never know.
So while a breech is made
Fight onward, unafraid,
And deal your justful damndest ‘gainst the foe!

Yes, some will say, “No hope,
The strength is with the Pope,
And all his million mystics will prevail.”
But Reason is not wrong,
Integrity is strong,
And living it is not a way to fail.

So, go on to the end
With mind that will not bend,
Although there’re few that follow your clean light.
For love of truth’s desire
You’ll feel no cooled-off fire,
And Pride will raise your spirit through the night.

Come Hell, or water high,
Don’t ever say “Not I”,
When there’s a chance to act, and yes, to win.
For you who’re free today
Will only stay that way
If you give all you’ve got and not give in.

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