How Joy Began

When Christmas comes with high-bell cheer
And happy tinglings for your ear,
Become not child, but leap a man,
And celebrate how joy began.

With love of life in work’s delight
It sped through day on into night—
That purpose of a man so proud
He’d see it win, in strength unbowed.

And all year working, spring to fall,
His new inventions lined the wall.
They moved new ways, they did new things,
They glittered more than diamond rings!

Each one unique, yet all a band
That played and sang at his command.
A click, a tap, a rush of noise,
And they did work, though seemed but toys.

December came, his tests were done,
Perfection shone in every one.
A buyer now is at the door,
Representing rich, not poor.

He looks, he gazes, has his fill,
Each motion gives him such a thrill,
His checkbook to the table flies,
His pen writes without guiding eyes!

All is packed and sent away,
The factory is steaming gay!
The working toys are leaping out,
The buying public gives a shout!

Then he, inventor, man so true,
Piles up his coins from me and you.
And Justice joys him, love inspires,
Till christened are inventive fires!

The work, the thought, the mind of man—
It’s deep in here that joy began;
Essential life begins with win
And high-bell time is ringing in!

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