In Love I fall

Through crystal-shining moons of your two eyes
I see true gravity of glorious thought unwound,
And this great night is now one strong surprise
That pulls and pushes, has me wholly bound,
Till I am fall’n away a strange thing, bare,
Upon the wind Delight, and have no care.
How sad it was to live not fully glad,
When other years brought other loves to me,
Those lesser loves that fashioned were with sad,
Who cried and laughed and yearned for tragedy,
And hid from their guilt selves all sweet content,
And tortured me that they might make repent.
Nay! Now they are passed, pure you are all!
In you I see myself! In love I fall!

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2 Responses to In Love I fall

  1. Millie Ho says:

    Great poem. It’s like Walt Whitman, but rhyming.

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