The Highest

Your brown eyes
Do not crown lies;
Your night brows
Proud truth avows.
Black blind hair
O’er mind aware,
Closed lips full
Of beautiful,
Force of chin
Set firm to win,
Stellar face
In steel place,
Highest goal
Of my grown soul,
Perfect height
Of perfect light,
Beaming free
Bright dreams of me
To bear the praise
Of all my days,
And hear the fire
Of dear desire—
To live and ring
With swelling might
The world I sing
For sheer delight.

Now see and view
The shrinking space
‘Tween me and you
And Love’s cheered face.
We’re breaths apart
Mid beats of heart.
Love’s fingertips
Press wide our lips,
His spirit sweet
In our bright feet,
Our mental strength
One gentle length
In bodies bound
Of ringing sound,
A-glow as gold
That’s ache to hold,
While loving burn,
And stir and earn
Life’s trophy fine
Of holy line—
The sacred flame
Of sovereign fame,
Our ego’s guide
Of waxing pride—
The swelling thrills
Of selfish wills.

Above the floor above the town
We turn and spin and turn around;
In penthouse high up in the sky
We dance the joy that does not die;
And now we sit to speak a rhyme,
For we are IT in perfect time.

The lights outside, way off, below,
The strength of man-made glory show.
The inside glow of you and me
Is mirror of our sovereignty.
Like abstracts tied are we so pure,
Full really real and surely sure.
The highest knowledge we have won
Is concrete passion done-and-done!

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