O’er State and God

To live your life and take no chance,
To spend your days without one dare,
To eat and breathe and follow others,
And not one selfish deed prepare—-
That is to die before you live,
To cease before you be.

For living is more than existing,
Longevity’s in ego alone:
Eternal life is each hour true
To schemes and dreams of only you.

Don’t be an echo of a noisy crowd,
Or follow leaders with shadow stride;
Bolt your own road, and jag it now,
Your guide-light will be your own pride.

At each day’s end, however late,
You’ll know high joy above low fate;
While others pass in ordered herds
You’ll stand you master of these words:
“I am alive with all I am,
O’er State and God one honest man!”

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