Selfish Wealth of Life

Consuming you all way around and through
With lips and mouth and tongue made young
From loving strength and pride of you
I am, too, consumed and stung,
And lifted up here leaping/lying.

With mortal flesh immortal flying,
As on the earth, above all things,
Our legs and arms are inflown wings,
Creating joy and treasure giving
Of all the pleasure we are living.

In loving sex and sexual love
Our virtues are the boundaries of;
Our noble reason, trembling, sighs
Through bodies made so very wise,
That passion feels no chaining pain
Of doubtfulness or clamping guilt,
But lives and lusts it to the hilt!

With mouth on mouth and bodies one,
With arms and legs surrounding sun,
Our universe explodes and spreads
In veins of hearts and knowing heads,
Till blinded eyes see flashing stars
Of climbing, flowing, golden bars,
And wealth of life is ours to share
Of selfish selves beyond all care,
In rarified, industrial air—
Immense, and tensely self-aware!

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