Clearest Mist

“I saw her face and I ascended”—
So the classic song does say.
I’ve seen your face and I am blended
With Paradise in all its May.

Glad stranger, I, to thing so strange;
It all my mind does re-arrange.
Ideal found in face so bold
Makes fair youth’s dreams seem faint and old.

“But now you’re here, and now I know just where I’m going,”—
Another song does softly shout.
What a lovely life and what a very lovely day!
True Paradise without a doubt.

I saw your eyes and was enraptured
By warmest seeing ever captured.
I feel your lips upon mine glowing
And now I know just where I’m going.

Now we will never crumble, though softly down we tumble,
For lovers in Paradise are angels oh, so wise
We cannot fall, but rise above the humble
In clearest mist of strange new lips and eyes.

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