Selfish Rights

No rights for me means none for you;
No rights for you means none for me.
If we’ve no right of property we have no right to be.

No right for me is wrong for you;
No right for you is wrong for me
If we don’t own our property we are dead in slavery.

Yes, it’s selfish to live for self and death to live for others.
Selfish is living, free!
Selfish is good and wise!
Selfish is brave and strong!
Selfish is moral, true!
Selfish is you for you,
Each for each, me for me,
Freed from sacrifice,
That ugly evil, dread.
Curse it now, lift up your head!

Be not weakened by disapproval
Of those who themselves deny;
Their judgments, they are so worthless,
Their feel-thoughts worth e’en less.

A negative half-tone of voice
Is their only vacant choice,
And a fake superior air
Based on flat ignorance there
In their dis-educated brains
That hate your most honest gains
And the glory of passionate work.

Each one’s a misanthropist jerk
Who spits on hero businessmen,
Then goes back to his house again
To hide in the safety and heat
Of his empty life of defeat.

Look them straight in the eye,
Say, “I am living for I,
And you, you immoral germ,
You nihilist nazi of nought,
You are the zero you’ve wrought.”

Selfish is brave and strong;
Selfish is rational, wise;
Selfish is whole note song
That raises man in his eyes!

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2 Responses to Selfish Rights

  1. Opus Dei says:

    Brian Sir, c’est magnifique! You are surpassing every limit! I am so so very proud! Brilliant!

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