Aluminum Smile

Steel I-beams are your eyes
That never bend in fear;
Steel strong of your hard soul
That stands true beauty here.

Beauty solid, full self-made,
That glitters challenge high—
Fast star winking hard as day
That hero dares to fly.

Steel girders are your brows,
That underline your thought;
Steel strong, unyielding,
To clasp whate’er you’ve sought.

All you’ve wanted you will have,
And nought will pass you by—
Near star shooting bright as day,
Re-placing sun in sky.

Aluminum your lovely lips,
That barely move to smile;
Aluminum of your pure soul
That is my naked style!

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4 Responses to Aluminum Smile

  1. Opus Dei says:

    Aluminum smile – I see a silvery streak there! It made me think how beautiful Man would look if aluminum becomes his color and form, his bones and soul!

  2. Opus Dei says:

    Your poem reminded me of something similar I wrote some time ago:

    It was a face unforgettable.

    On glowing temple,
    Beaded industry shone.
    Like grains of gold,
    In urn of hungry sky.

    Eyes, razor-sharp.
    Split waters dark.
    On buoyant dreams,
    The vision held high.

    Cautious, a noble fall.
    Tipped, nose of pride.
    Between eyes, it stood.
    Catcher of mortal vice!

    Was here, now gone.
    Flitted from eye to eye.
    On mouth of saint rode,
    An executioner’s smile.

    Upside down stood.
    Mount of holy ‘I’.
    Not god, Man-sculpted,
    The valiant chin.

    Insulted, smarting,
    A silent world.
    Bowed to creases,

    Face, indeed.
    It was a face unforgettable.”

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