The Torch Of Freedom

The Torch of Freedom’s fierce;
Its flames are just and true.
So let your mind it pierce
And glow a torch for you.

Then light your days and nights
As man of freedom fierce;
Your individual rights—
Re-fire in all men’s ears.

Your country can be great—
E’en more, can moral be;
Your freedom torch, not late,
Will free men’s eyes to see—

That what you’ve earned and own
Is only yours, not theirs,
That need is not a claim
No matter what their prayers.

Let each man’s inner spark
Make him the thing it will;
If some remain in dark,
Or cannot climb the hill,

It’s naught to do with you.
Leap high, the cloudland pierce;
Wave bright upon the blue—
A torch of freedom fierce!

Americans, reclaim
Your stature straight and bold;
Fear not your selfish fame,
Bow not to evils old.

All socialists despise,
Hate communistic gore;
Environmental ties
To fascists—hate them more!

For man’s inventive fire
Asks all your fervent love
To build it ever higher
That you may praise above.

The future’s in your mind—
Your hero mind that knows.
Go forward no more blind,
But be the torch that shows.

The torch of freedom’s fierce;
Its flames are just and true.
Now let your mind it pierce
And be a torch for you!

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2 Responses to The Torch Of Freedom

  1. Opus Dei says:

    Lovely! Can a call to fight and revenge be more beautiful! Up all swords! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Opus. “Forward, the light brigade!”

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