Party of One

“Let’s rail against government spending,
Social Security, shout it to ending,
And Medicare, blast from our sights!
But whisper no word of individual rights.”

Weak pragmatists are at it again,
Backward, of course, these backless men;
Up on dwarf horses to push a cart,
And so go nowhere with selfless smart.

Individual rights need a man to lead
Individual love of the selfish deed—-
Individual thought to act for one’s good,
Egoistically profiting, life understood.

But base men hide the desire to live;
Tea-Party Patriots swear only to give.
Then what is the difference ‘tween left and ‘tween right,
When altruism holds both their hands tight?

Individual rights means reason comes first,
The thought of one man, his judgment his thirst,
The singular mind that is self-avowed,
And not to others or brothers bowed.

It’s not, “Cut spending for efficiency,”
But What is yours is not for me,
And what is mine is wholly mine
To use and spend for my design.

On through the storm and into the sun
True Tea-Party Patriot, be party of one!

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