I Love

I love the leaves dancing in the air;
I love the sun-rays catching women’s hair;
I love the railroad roaring into town;
I love the towers ‘spiring all around.

I love the bright-faced shops with winking jewels displayed;
I love the factories stacking, proud of what they’ve made;
I love the city lights, the glass-cubed heights,
The dreams un-sleeping that out-race the dawn;
I love my babe’s first step, my boy’s first job,
My girl of science thinking on and on;
I love good work, I love my life, I love this earth.

I love the clouds changing, gathering, blackening into storm;
I love the multitudes of thunder, blasting deep in form;
I love the daisies, dandelions, roses, silv’ry now with rain;
I love the fresh sweet smell of air when sun-shafts shoot again.
I love the streets and lawns and fields, and parks
Where children leap and swing—“Now push! Swing higher! Toe a leaf!”
I love their screams of wild delight—“Swing higher! See!” that know no Grief.

I love the hands that shape some clay into a laughing maze;
I love the mind that has its way—-creative pride a-blaze;
I love the singer singing sweeter, longer,
The song’s words making hearts beat stronger;
I love the rugged tales of heroes undefeated
Who battle on till everything’s completed.
I love the peace at night in a quiet space;
I love the eyes of cheer in my mirror’s face;
I love hard work, I love my life, I love this earth.

I love the trucks and cars, sputt-utt–purring in the morn;
I love the sparrows cheeping as if they’d just been born;
I love the ice in winter lying on the wires,
And the wires’ strength that hardly ever tires.
I love the tree that stands alone, needing but dirt and sky;
I love the person who stands alone, who needs no others by;
I love the righteous will that does what it must do;
I love the self that chooses, and to itself is true;
I love my self, I love my flesh, I love this earth.

I love my competence, my striving to do better;
I love to think my best when speaking, writing song, poem or letter;
I love rewards for my good work; I love money, silver, gold;
I love the crinkle, jingle, clink, for all I’ve bought and sold.

I love walking down the street, running up a hill,
Tumbling on the grass, lying on the earth, breathing it in;
I love the feel of joy in thighs and chest and chin.

I love the truth, I love the beautiful, I love reality;
I love logic, I love sight, I love love!
I love and I love and I love!

I love the child who wakes up singing;
When shouts of “Quiet!” would lower voice so strong,
He leaves the house and joins the sky with song.
I love the girl who’s judged just what she wants—-
No matter what the price, it is like gold,
Because her thinking makes it worth her hold.
I love the young man cashing his first check—-
He knows he earned it, feels himself supreme,
And trusts himself to realize every dream.
I love the man, the man who knows his worth:
His thoughts, his feelings, actions, all—-his own;
All confidence, competence, effort, gain, are in his mirror shown.

I love machines; each activating part
Precisely put together, like a heart
In smoothly-working perfect health
That beats and clicks and beats for wealth—
Wealth of power, speed and youth,
Accomplishing the highest truth,
The truth that’s in the wheel sped—
Invention is man’s fountainhead.

I love this pen that’s in my hand;
I love this paper marked with ink;
I love the things I understand,
I love the thoughts I love to think.
I love the sky, I love myself, I love this earth;
I love and I love and I love.

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3 Responses to I Love

  1. abichica says:

    im not sure why you re-did it, but its very nicely done.. 😀

  2. Opus Dei says:

    Well…if someone needs to know what all on earth can be loved, to THIS he must come…
    I love and I love and I love THIS!!!!!

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