Be Your Own Hero

So many men and women fearing to be judged as selfish
By many men and women fearing to be judged as selfish.
Oh say, where is courage? Where the willingness to face this fearing?
To face it, fight it, beat it back into submissive disappearing!
Then take up love of selfish seeing, thinking, doing, fully being,
And shout aloud that you are all you are, your spirit wholly freeing,
And sing your praise to every loving one you know for sacred selfish living,
And vow not any more to down yourself in shady, selfless, mindless giving.
Oh, never give to fear the single you that is your friend;
That fear is your own making, and to it you must not bend.
Imagination’s very ghost and god, and vasty monster dream,
But they are smallest tiny nothings, not the giants that they seem.
Be your own hero every day in every thing that you pursue,
And joy of life is yours to live for all the pride you’ll have in you.

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