Selfishness Is In The World

Selfish stood above the sun
And looked across to earth;
He saw that there was not a man
And spat to give him birth.

Then man grew up and wondered
Just why and wherefore he
Was set upon a strange wild earth;
It was a mystery.

Then Selfish wrote a book of rays
Made out of sunny gold.
The first page said, “When man began
His nature was right bold.

“He had great passion, loved his mind,
His knowledge grew and grew;
And when he read me he did find
His god-like spirit true.

“He hailed the sun as equal,
He praised his father Light,
And selfishness warmed up in him
To give him strength through night.

“He built his many towers tall,
He soared across the skies;
He felt no guilt to make him fall;
In selfhood he was wise.

“And now his sons, and daughters, too,
Like rays shoot through all space.
The universe bows to the men
Who run their god-like race.”

Then Selfish took his mighty book
And laid it on the earth,
And every time man turned a rock
To find if it held worth,

And every time he studied plants,
And rivers, hills and seas,
He gained more knowledge for himself
To solve more mysteries.

And while he grew to master all
His joyous thoughts did shine;
Inside, he heard his selfish voice—
“My world, my life, is mine!”

The book of nature he has read,
No reader, none! but he!
And that alone makes him the god
Of all that he can see.

Selfishness is in the world,
Creating, living, bold,
And man is son, and spirit, too,
Of shining mental gold!

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2 Responses to Selfishness Is In The World

  1. Opus Dei says:

    To this Selfish creation of the ever-inspiring poet —

    The Anthem to Selfishness,
    That Selfish Man must sing each day –
    To Him, for Him, in every way,
    For he is God, the Godliness.

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