True Sex

True sex is not shoddy,
True sex is not sin;
True sex is love’s body
True merging within.

Mind holds its values fought for and won;
Body joins treasures of pleasures for fun.
Joy becomes physical, love is desire;
Than judgment made real–nothing is higher.

True love is bodiful;
Lust-love is whole;
True sex, relaying all—
Touch reaching soul.

Beauty is “love you lot”
When you in mind are sure
You are worth all you’ve got,
And whom you love not more.—

Not more than you are, truly,
But on a level plane
Where each to each is trading
For pleasure’s equal gain.

Pedestals lie broken,
Admiring looks out straight;
The one you love’s a token
Of the self you’ll never hate.

Not hate, but love the greatest
Of all you’ve ever known;
True sex completely makes it—
“Your pleasure is my own.”

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2 Responses to True Sex

  1. Robert Tracy says:

    “True love is bodiful”. This is beautiful, ingenious, Brian.

  2. Brian Faulkner says:

    Yes, down with Platonism!

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