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The Prospectors (inspired by Summer Hamori)

Within the man-filled restaurant Was one who saw a hill Which gleamed with all the jewels it held For Dream that had a will. It was no soft and easy hill, But brutal, hard and high; Though in the earth, … Continue reading

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Crooked, Round, or Straight?

Obama slaps a crooked path To Ruination’s shrine; The deaf close eyes and stumble on While saying all is fine. Yet some protest, “We’ve need of God To short-cut round this road.” A squat, dirt “palace” got by faith— Their … Continue reading

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The New Singer (inspired by Allegra Durante)

Old songs are on your lips and in your eyes, But hearing them I think of cloudlet skies O’er May-time hills, where all is fresh and bright With softest showers and sweetness-giving light. A flight of singing birds was ne’er … Continue reading

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Ever Stronger, Colder, Grow!

The fearless snow, disdaining bloomy spring, Came parachuting down in gay attack: Their forces weakest caught within my hands; The strongest hiding in my shoulder-lands. On graveled walk and grass some seemed to pause, To watch the count’ring steps that … Continue reading

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No Rinky-Dink

A thought you find that makes you think Is not a kind of rinky-dink, So when your mind is on the blink, Go think a thought that makes you think. To other thoughts then link a link; With thinking wrought, … Continue reading

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Men do not love whose love is pity-full, When, seeing vice receive a justice due, Do weep, and wail excuses, almost drool With pleasure for this “victim” of the true. In admiration’s place contempt they crown, To halo with sly … Continue reading

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I Am Highest

“Oh, I am highest, I, Of all on earth, in sky; Of all things low and small Your god is least of all. “That number greatest—one, In me fulfills its sum; Your many millions rate But dumbinoes of fate.” Who … Continue reading

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