What The Hell?!

Deep in their dungeons
“Need!” cry the commies;
All the enviros
Call for gov’ mommies.
Religios wail that
God’s them forsaken;
Socialists stoop,
Pick poop to re-make ’em.
Here at last happy
Hell is in season;
Falling down fast are
Men of un-reason.
Millions of Moslems
Fall all at once,
obama down under them,
Deserving this once.
Nihilist losers,
Nothing they’ve got;
Hell, ever grinning,
Stirs his not-pot.
Now he does grab them,
Dashes them in;
Sunk into nothing
Losers Kant win.
Get what they lie for,
Get it from Hell;
What wishers wish for
Hell grants it well.
Pretenders of living,
Fall they down, too;
Worshipping giving,
Hell gives a-new.
Gives them the guilt-fire
That burns up their brains;
Selfless desire
Self-ash remains.
Lost to life’s promise
And all of its joys,
All they have left is
Hate’s not-pot noise.
Hell is not down below,
Hell’s in the mind let go,
Forsaking one’s hero
For fake ‘n bake zero.

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3 Responses to What The Hell?!

  1. Robert Tracy says:

    obama down under them,
    Deserving this once.

    Hell yes!

  2. Opus Dei says:

    If one asked how to put all of Ayn Rand’s idea in one poem, I bet this would be the one!

  3. Brian Faulkner says:

    Well, at least some of them. Thanks.

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