The Savage Environmentalist

He comes to bash our civil state;
He brings with him his twisted hate;
Of manhood crushed he speaks elate,
The dirty environmentalist.

Industrial progress he’d despise
While photographing newts and flies;
Then tells us he is nature-wise,
The filthy environmentalist.

He drives his car to some far lake,
Declaring highways man’s mistake;
Good dams and bridges he’d un-make,
The lousy environmentalist.

Against inventive use of earth,
Against the light of human worth,
He stands–at leisure since his birth—
The nasty environmentalist.

His clothes are sewn by thought of man,
His house built up by plans of man;
His whole waste life was got by man,
The turncoat environmentalist.

He comes to bash our civil state;
He brings with him his primate hate;
Of “able” crushed he speaks elate,
The jeering environmentalist.

All exploration damns he whole–
The search for oil, the hunt for coal—
Dismisses, as not having soul,
The filthy environmentalist.

Hypocrisy is his first name;
His middle, too, is just the same;
His last is “malice” mixed with “shame”,
The rotten environmentalist.

He curses man for being man,
The human race since it began,
Each enterprising profit-plan—
The loathsome environmentalist!

He has no love for his own mind
And wishes others fooled and blind;
He is the lowest thing I find–
The evil environmentalist.

He comes to crash our civil state;
He brings with him the ancient hate
Of independent minds elate—
The savage environmentalist.

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2 Responses to The Savage Environmentalist

  1. Robert Tracy says:

    Savage like the religion of Islam.

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