Don’t Call Them Cannibals

They’re honest, for they tell no lies;
They openly accept the dough
Was took from you and me, you know,
Just voted for them who do, and so,
They’re screaming they’ll be cheated,”Hey!

“Oh, where is justice,” they scream and cry;
“Oh, where’s our piece of your sweet pie?
You baked it; you had all the fun,
And we’re poor eaters, every one.

“Entitled, we, to eat our fill,
Receive the money from your till.
This system, it is oh, so wise,
It gives us your own Paradise.

“From each, according to ability,
To each who take, with honesty.
Oh, no, don’t call us cannibals,
Who’ve merely got you by your balls.

“The altruist ideal is very real,
So give to us and do not squeal.
We are in need, so do your deed,
And sacrifice until you bleed.

“Yes, shame on you who’d shirk your duty,
For giving is the height of beauty,
And you need us for virtue true,
To give the dough you earned for you.

“You say this moral’s upside-down?
For centuries it’s been around;
The Bible gives it out for fact—
‘Tis for the needy you must act.

“To live for self is not the goal,
But giving all your mind and soul
To those who choose the easy way
Of raking in your hard-earned pay.

“So work, you goddamned slaves! And give!
Entitled we, to take, to eat, to live!
We yearn to live but honestly
Who understand that great word—free!”

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