Ha! Candy kisses? Not for us;
With real ones we do make a fuss.
They taste so rich, are so divine,
We’re always trying Valentine.

Ho! Candy hearts? Not for we;
In our bright eyes real hearts we see.
They beat so fast, and sure and strong,
We know to each we each belong.

Hey! Printed cards? For us there’s none.
Our real live verses clasp and stun.
Yea, stun us to our very toes,
And will our arms to round us close.

And yet this day I’ll give you more,
More kisses than you had before,
And such a heart with such a mind
That you’ll be fully Valentined.

Then with this very valiant verse,
That’s tethered not to clipped words, terse,
I’ll speak into your mouth its fire,
And we will “sleep” and never tire.

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2 Responses to Ha!

  1. Robert Tracy says:

    Valentined. Yep.

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