Happy Birthday! Ayn Rand

Happy Birthday, Queen of writers!
Star of stars and light of light,
Sons of thine and thy true daughters,
Blaze thy words through darkest night!

Gifts of ours were yours for giving—
Absolutes that we embrace;
Now we shout them: “Life’s for living!
Ego’s soul has Reason’s face!”

Love of thought we send out beaming,
Boxcars full on blue-green rails.
Destination’s Profit, gleaming,
Where no signal blinks or fails.

Engine ‘pistemology,
Banked with fire of “A is A”,
Roars without apology,
Filling all we do and say.

You have taught, and we have listened,
Loved your heroes, learned the true;
Now we give the gold that glistened
To ourselves, as gifts from you.

Queen of Pride through all earth’s ages,
Woman great ‘bove all mankind,
Thrilled are we to read thy pages,
Thrilled with joy to praise thy mind!

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