Waking of The Republic

Mine eyes have seen the glory of America restored,
She is waking up from slumber to the self she has ignored;
She is searching for the rational in each and every word,
Her mind is turning on!

She is learning how low communism leads to endless fights;
She is seeing evil viros and their switching off of lights;
She is grasping the full meaning now of individual rights,
Her mind is turning on!

She is rising in the people who are independent still;
She is speaking, she is standing, she is frowning at the Hill;
She is full of dreams of freedom and her dreams she will fulfill,
Her love of life is on!

She is stern and unforgiving to the men who made her doubt;
She will cancel all their viciousness and vote the bastards out;
She will set them all to running till their running is a rout,
Her truth is marching on!

In the spirit of the hero this America is strong;
In the men and women thinking who do sing their solo song;
In the home of independence we Americans belong,
Our lives are going on!

Glory, glory, the republic,
Glory, glory, our republic,
Glory, glory, man’s republic,
Our truth is marching on!

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