The Parrot’s Robot

The robot was racing around the room,
Chasing the cat with a yellow broom.
The parrot was shouting, “Go, go, go!
My, oh my, what a wonderful show!”

The robot was crawling on hands and knees,
Searching the floor for a bit of cheese.
The parrot was shouting, “Out of the house!
No robot of mine shall copy a mouse!”

The robot was dancing around the tree,
Tossing his broom as high as could be.
The parrot was shouting, “High, high, high!
Now copy, robot, copy a fly!”

The robot was flying far away;
Goodbye to the cheese, and the cat so gray.
The parrot was shouting, “Back, back, back-er!
Come back, Robby, Polly wants a cracker!”

The robot was walking out on the beach;
“I’ve a lesson,” he thought, “that parrot to teach.
If you want a robot to stay and please,
You must make very sure he gets his cheese.”

The parrot was hungry, he wanted a meal;
He thought, “If Rob comes back, I’ll make him a deal.”
The robot was reading a book on parrots,
And onions, potatoes, salt and carrots.

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