Save The Children

Jane, a voter, liked Roy’s warm smile;
His voice had authority and he came from Yale;
The kind of a man who would not fail.
She voted for him and his smart class style.

Roy, the politician, forced others to do good;
He took money from John and gave it to Jack;
It was money that John would never get back.
Roy, of course, kept some for himself: it pays to do good.

Ben, a voter, liked the toughness of Greg;
He was a fighter, or so he said.
Ben himself was ready, ready to be led.
As a true blue patriot he voted for Greg.

Greg, the politician, raised the minimum wage;
Put Jack out of work and took a worker from Tim;
Then sang with Roy the socialist hymn,
“From each and each, according to whim.”

Sally, the self-pitying, thought, “Bob is the man;
He’ll right the wrongs been done to me
And set me free from the choice to…to…be.
Bob, tax the damn rich as much as you can!”

Bob, the politician, envying men of wealth,
Said, “All that I do is for love of the poor.”
He taxed the rich to death (love hard to ignore),
Then pulled some strings for “our national health.”

The men of wealth have closed stores and factories,
And Jack and John a park bench now do share;
They lie at ease without a hope or care;
State doctors give them drugs for miseries.

Feeling Jane, feeling Ben and feeling Sally
Are marching in the Save The Children rally!

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