No Waste Of Time

No waste of time is sleep,
For sleep gives strength to man
To do that best he can
When he is not asleep.

To feel the mind grow numb-er,
To see the sight grow dim,
From too, too little slumber
Makes all of waking grim.

When study time is lengthened,
With much to comprehend,
The mind of man is strengthened
Whe Sleep is kept a friend.

For Sleep is not against you,
She’s ever on your side;
She strings the forces in you
To climbing ropes well-tied.

You waken like a giant,
Her light-ladder in your hands;
Subconscious engineering
A star within you stands.

Sleep is the servant of time—-
The time of Full-Awake.
Her kiss keeps man in line,
His thought-linked days to make.

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