“Time for dinner!”

We all rushed to the dining room table, my dad, my two sisters and me. Then Mom came in from the kitchen with the roast. Yummy!

After we were all seated Dad said, in his usual, deep-voiced, solemn way, “Before digging in we’ll all express our wishes. Please bow your heads.  I’ll begin. Dear imaginary Lord in my mind, I wish that you would use your holy influence in getting that raise for me. Please stir up kindly feelings in my boss and help him to see the light of my need.  Amen.”

Mom, as I had thought, spoke next. “O imagined Heavenly Being, I wish for good health for my children and I thank you for your thoughtfulness in putting this glorious food before us. May we always remember your bounteous love and sacred wisdom. Amen.”

Then Liz said, “Dear Dreamy One Almighty, please give me an A in History and a B to my best friend Mary. And let my Daddy get a raise so I can buy some new shoes which I really really need. Amen.”

Then Kate spoke, in her very soft voice (she was only four), “I wish I had ice-cream for desert. Amen.”

“Well, here I go,” I thought. “Dear imaginary God of my mind, I pray…

“Larry!” my mother harshly interrupted. “There’ll be no foul words in this house! Do you understand me?! Don’t ever use that word again! We are an honest, down-to-earth family, and we’re going to stay that way!”

Well, that’s it. Wish I could think of something else to say. Maybe if I get down on my knees and wish real hard it’ll get longer.

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