Life and Death

My life and my desire
Are one fulfilling fire,
And naught of death have I,
Not even when I die.

No light will follow death,
No breath come after breath,
And I’ll not sorrow this,
Who won’t be here to miss.

Yet some there are who say
There’s life beyond death’s day,
And jewels will come their way,
And happiness will stay.

And praying so in woe
For wants they dare not know,
They kill each “low” desire,
Run off from Joy’s great fire,
And sacrifice self-gain
To priests who preach abstain.

Their lives have half a span
Who cross themselves in ban,
Their hours but halfish hours,
Their powers but dried flowers.

But I, who love life whole,
How near or far each goal,
My mirror says ‘Well done’
Each rise and set of sun.

Before I came to birth
All riches had no worth,
Life’s meaning was a thing
Without a voice to sing.

I opened wide my eyes,
Fanned glory to the skies,
Skipped light on ground my feet,
And made a sound most sweet!

“I am” is what I thought;
Something, and nothing naught;
However long I be
Is perfect length for me.

What more could I desire
But life’s fulfilling fire?
For naught of death have I,
Not even when I die.

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