Justice Is Ready (with a nod to Longfellow)

Those who preach “service” mean only “serve us”
And “teachers” like them should make us nervous.
Nay, soul-lechers like those must hear damnation
From everyone good in a still-free nation.

Then speak out, declare it, shout it out loud—-
“I’m proud I’m no servant and proud to be proud!
All those who’d enslave me or make me bend low,
It’s you who are evil wherever you go.

“Wherever you go, whatever you do,
My judgment, in reason, comes down against you.
Perverters, destroyers, of all that is great,
You’ll find your own selves within your own hate.”

Justice is ready, Americans rise,
Wipe “education’s” dust from their eyes.
The scurrying roaches they once thought were men
They vow not to ever give votes to again

‘Down through our history, to the present year,
The people will waken and harken to hear’
The voice of a hero, a man of sound mind,
Who simply tells them, “To your self be not blind.”

Be not blind to your joy, nor blind to your rights,
As lone individuals be not blind to your life!
Of importance much greater there is no one else
To take the top place of your topmost self.

Gold coin of your standard, be yours its clear face,
And never turn tails in a coward’s disgrace.
Fair flag of your values and property’s sign,
Americans, re-own it—My Whole Life’s Mine!

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