Glorious Selfish Lovers

Glorious selfish lovers,
Unite and fight for Reason’s height
And ne’er in selfless lose your light
But, egoistic, burn more bright
And banish evil into flight.
Then bring up day, and charge with cheer
Triumphant hills of living here,
Where individual rights do steer,
And manly might, with logic strong,
Lights the torch of freedom long,
Rights the ship above the tide,
And sails serene in sovereign pride.

Yes! we are coming now;
Freedom our holy vow;
Stand not against us, men;
Pick yourselves up again!
Welcome, you women, too;
Independence waits for you!
Boy, girl, all who be—
Stand for self! Up, be free!

Then foot after foot after foot,
And stride upon stride upon stride,
And thought after thought after thought,
And word upon word upon word,
And sound after sound after sound,
And shout upon shout upon shout,
Till the bell of the world is found
To vibrate with “Rights!” all about!

And the right to your life,
It is open and right;
And the right to your land
Is all day and all night;
And the right to your mind,
It is better than right;
And the right to your joy,
It is right! It is right!

Now, you glorious selfish lovers,
Unite, be right, and fight!

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